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"I had the great pleasure of working with Douglas Landscape for over 10 years as Chairman of the Landscape Committee for the Surfcrest Homeowners Association. Throughout those years Douglas Landscape has shown their professionalism, honesty, hard working ethic and a true desire to improve our development while always being aware of our budget. When we interviewed Douglas Landscape those many years ago, we were immediately impressed with their knowledge of the many varieties of plants, trees, palms and their resources to take care of any problems which could develop with our landscaping. Their unique design ideas were always a welcomed addition.

I have given many verbal recommendations to other developments about Douglas Landscape. I can honestly say I enjoyed sharing my experiences with them. I want everyone to be as lucky as us and feel what it is like to be so well taken care of by such an honest, hardworking company that has values and knows how to work as a team with the Board and landscape Committee. You won’t be disappointed."

Susan Sizlo
Former Chairman of the Surfcrest Landscape Committee. 

East Lake

"East Lake Village Shores is a homeowners’ association located on a man-made lake in Yorba Linda, California. The association maintains both the landscaped common areas on each of the seen streets and the landscaping in the front of all 191 homes. I have worked with Douglas Landscape Company for the past six years, first as a member of the Board of Directors and then as a member of the Landscape Committee. I highly recommend Douglas Landscape; they are knowledgeable and professional on every level including management, supervisors, office staff and landscaping crew.

In Eastlake it is our committee’s practice to walk monthly throughout the property with the owner, Doug Matranga, and the job supervisor. During the walk we plan the replacement and updating of landscaping and oversee the general appearance and maintenance of our community. Our property is about 18 years old and so we are continuing to replace aged plantings and add seasonal color to compliment larger foundation plants. In addition, we are in the process of converting many lawn areas to landscaped planters to conserve water and to add dimension and interest to our streets. This project involves major demolition and reconfiguring of the irrigation and Douglas has been instrumental in this effort, advising us on design and materials.

It is a pleasure to work with this company. They are responsible and professional, wheather it is in response to an irrigation emergency, a billing question, or a homeowner concern transmitted through the management company. Our neighborhood reflects the care and pride they take in a job very well done!"

Mrs. Laurel Latshaw,
Landscape Chairman, East Lake Village Shores